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What to do If You Ever Have the Misfortune to Misfuel Your car

Whether it’s burning the toast, losing your keys or pouring manky milk on your cornflakes, we’re all susceptible to silly mistakes due to carelessness. As it’s been said: to err is human… so little mistakes are therefore entirely forgivable.


However, some mistakes, while easy to make, can have disastrous side-effects if not dealt with correctly. One such mistake is misfuelling your car.


We take a look at what to do if this happens to you.


What is Misfuelling?

Incredibly easy to do, it’s just a matter of picking up the wrong pump at a forecourt, and you’ve misfuelled your car. Most often this occurs in the form of someone misfuelling a diesel car with petrol, as most diesel nozzles are too large to fit into the holes on most modern petrol cars.


This is especially easy to do if you’ve just gotten a new car and changed from a petrol to a diesel engine or if you regularly drive different vehicles. Force of habit may make you opt for the green pump, and if you’re tired or distracted it’s an easy mistake to make. Yet it can have dire consequences if not dealt with properly.


Misfuelling can be a big issue for your car.

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The Issue with Misfuelling

Should you misfuel a diesel car and fill it with petrol, you can do a lot of damage to your engine. Diesel acts as a lubricant, and lubricates the high pressure pumps within your car engine. As soon as you introduce petrol into the engine of a diesel car, the lubricating properties of the existing diesel is significantly reduced; indeed, petrol actually acts as a solvent within a diesel engine.


With the contaminated fuel flowing around the engine, it will not be lubricated properly and parts of the engine will actually flake off, due to metal on metal contact. Not only does this mean parts of your engine are being eroded, but the flakes of metal floating around in your fuel increase this erosion effect exponentially around other parts of the engine.


If it’s not dealt with properly, and instead allowed to really circulate around the engine, petrol in a diesel car can lead to severe damage being done to your engine. This in turn can lead to hundreds and hundreds of pounds in necessary repairs. In fact, in some cases, it works out cheaper to just replace the engine completely after misfuelling.


What to Do?

Considering the potential damage that’s at stake here, you really need to know what to do should you misfuel, to avoid having to pay out ludicrous amounts to remedy a very simple mistake. Fortunately, there are two easy steps to making what could be a real day-ruiner, into a manageable and straight-forward issue.




First and foremost, stop what you’re doing.


If you’re in the midst of filling up your car with the wrong fuel, then stop.


If you’re panicking about the situation and really getting yourself worked up, then stop. Just relax and calm down; yes you’ve just made a silly mistake, but panicking will only make things worse.


If you’ve turned on the engine, then stop it. Turn it off immediately. If you haven’t yet turned your key in the ignition, then whatever else you do, don’t switch your engine on. Turning on the ignition will circulate the incorrect fuel around your engine. If your engine is inactive, then the incorrect fuel will idly sit there, not doing much damage. As soon as you turn your engine on, that’s when the problems really start.


If you’re driving home to sort out the problem, or you’re on your way to a nearby mechanic or friend to fix things, then stop. As mentioned before, having the engine running is what can lead to damage. The further you drive, the longer the engine is running and consequently, the more the incorrect fuel is circulating and potentially inflicting harm.


Call a Misfuel Specialist


Next thing to do is to call in the experts.



Fuelling your car correctly is of vital importance.

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Misfuel specialists deal exclusively with misfuelling. They are technicians who are up to date with the different types of fuels and different types of engines and will have the necessary equipment and know-how to effectively drain your car of the incorrect fuel and minimise damage done.


They will even refill your car with enough of the correct fuel to get you on your way again.


And all of this is done where you are, be it still in the petrol station forecourt or by the side of the road. A misfuel specialist will quickly come out to where you are and solve the problem with minimal hassle.



Should you misfuel your car, stop what you’re doing, turn off the engine and call out a misfuel specialist. It’s the best means of saving yourself a lot of hassle and potentially a lot of money too.




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