GPSWOX vehicle tracking software

gps2If you haven’t already got one then you need to get yourself a gps tracking server   that offers you with the feature of Geofence permits you to set up the geographic boundaries all around the areas that also have particular interest for you. At the same time, then also receive automated alerts at any particular object enters and it also leaves these boundaries.  POI and the tools with the points of interest, you may add the markers at locations which may be significant to you with gas station, a restaurant, a hotel, a shopping mall etc.




Moreover, you may also name place and also add the description. In addition, you will also use the tools for calculating the distances between the places on map and others. Moreover, Mobile will also help to easily track as well as to easily access all the features of GPSWOX on the mobile or on the tablet. You can find out more here at gps tracking device.   At the same time, you may also download this for free and you can find this app in the name of ‘Mobile GPS Tracker’ on your mobile phone and so you can easily transform the device in the GPS tracker. Not just this, you may also get the SMS on your mobile phone about at the defined events like geofencing, theft, speeding, SOS alarms and many others.

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