Cheap High Quality Car LED Lights

Car LED lights cab be found everywhere nowadays. Quality determines if the LED light will last long and if it is worth it. When shopping for car LED lights, it is important that you look for quality over quantity. Where can I find quality car LED light?, you might be asking. Well do not look any further as Auto DIODE LED lights  has got you covered with quality car LED lights at your disposal. Most auto LED lights companies either offer high quality products that are very expensive or low quality products that are very cheap. However, Auto DIODE LED lights offers a deal that cannot be gotten anywhere else, they offer cheap and high quality car LED lights. This service offers delivery to various countries and the LED lights they have are mostly universal,  which means that they support almost all models of cars.

Types of Car LED Lights Auto DIODE LED Has To Offer

There are Various types of car LED lights that this company have to offer and they are grouped as follows.

  • Fog lights

There are Various types of fog lights available here with varying specifications,  we have the :

  • Running lights Daylight
  • Light bulb conversion kit
  • High power LED fog light
  • Front light car for lamp LED
  • Automotive headlight fog lamp
  • Front light For light bulb

The fog lights are generally universal and they are compatible with different car models such as Toyota,  Renault, Volkswagen, Hyundai, KIA and a number of others. The voltage of the average fog LED lights are 12V with a wattage of 70 – 80 watts per set or 30 – 40 watts per bulb. The fog lights supports different socket types such as H7, H4, H8, H9, H11, 9005, HB3, HB4, H13, 9006, 9007, 5202 and a range of others. The fog light bulbs conversion kit on the other hand are universal with a wattage of 8watts and a voltage of 12V.

  • Head lights

There are different types of headlights available her depending on the specification that you need. The following are the types of headlights sold by Auto DIODE LED  lights.  For more information please visit Cheap High quality car LED lights

  • Car Angel eyes LED headlights
  • Driving Lamp bulb Automotive
  • Headlight Bulb with Automotive lighting
  • Automotive High low Beam light
  • LED car headlights with chip
  • LED Bulbs for Car front

Quite a number of the LED headlights available support all brands and models of cars with wattage of 80watts and voltage of 12V. On the other hand, automotive high low Beam light supports different types of socket from 881 880 889 H27,  9005 HB3 H10,  9006/HB4, 9007/HB5Hi/Lo, H1,  H11 H8 H9,  9008/H13Hi/Lo, H3,  H 4/9003/HB2Hi/Lo, H7.  It also supports various car brands and models such as Corrola, CRV, Cruise, Equinox, RAV4, Honda,  Audio, BMW, Ford, Toyota,  chevrolet, Volkswagen with a wattage of 72watts and a voltage of 12V.

LED car headlights with chip supports BMW, Audio, Ben, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Hyundai with a wattage of 30watts and voltage of 12V. The car Angel eyes LED headlights is different from the other type of headlight due to the fact that it is silicon based and it comes in a variety of colours. This LED headlight is supported by all car models which makes it a universal headlight. Car Angel eyes headlights are also waterproof,  they are the best bet if you have no idea on what headlights to get.

  • Interior LED

These LED lights are available for the interior of the cars. There are various types of interior LED that are available and they are as follows

  • Parking lights
  • Side Bulbs
  • Remote control car interior LED
  • Bright Door light
  • Interior Dash Floor light

These Interior LED lights are cheap and of high quality, they support all brands and models of cars and they are universal.


Auto DIODE LED  lights offer the best deals on LED lights for cars,  they have a range of different types of high quality LED lights available at affordable prices and their return policies are top notch.  To find out more please visit you can check out some of their best sellers here. You can also learn more about the company here and of course if you have any questions at all you can get in touch with them here.   You can also follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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