Brush guard

trak2The most effective technique to protect the front side of your truck is through installing the brush guard. Apart from the protection it even offers the vehicle with the perfect and customized look. The brush guard even enhances front of truck offering it with the meaner look which also will set it quite apart from rest of trucks on road.

Brush Guard is the First and Only Brush Guard in the world that is a multi tool Accesory 5 in 1 :

1. Traction



4.Brush Guard

5. Removeable


Moreover, trucks are not only vehicles which make the use of these brush guards; the passenger cars even use them though few may also think that this is quite odd addition. However Police departments also used the brush guards on cars. There are various names that are mainly used for these guards like grill guard and the push bar. However, irrespective of what it is known, guard is the bar which may get installed all across the front side of the vehicle for protecting from the debris that gives the sense to brush part of their name.

These guards are mainly used for the trucks that are known as the truck brush guards that are very much self-explanatory. Such specific brush guards are significant since these trucks are utilized for off-road terrains. Big bar with the brush guard shielding front of truck in similar way like the bumper do. 



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